Welcome to the Persalog test server. Persalog is a project from the University of Michigan to provide a framework for personalizing news content. We will continue to update this site as we release papers and code on the work. Persalog was developed by Eytan Adar, Jessica Hullman (University of Washington), Carolyn Gearig, and Ayshwarya Balasubramanian. The system is part of the larger txt2vis project.

If you're interested in the technical and design details, please take a look at our CHI'17 paper

This is a very early alpha release and is also a dev server. It may not work as expected... or at all (for some geolocations)

Wrapper Examples

We have taken two existing visualizations that were not personalized and show how they can be "wrapped" in PersaLog.


Movie visualizations customized by age.

This example also demonstrates how profile information can be passed in cookies (or in this case URL). PersaLog code for this example is below (visMagic is a basic wrapper function):

if {{age}} < 30 ::: vis visMagic genre-select,Action;Film,Iron Man,mouseover; ::: print personalized by age ({{age}})
if {{age}} >= 30 ::: vis visMagic genre-select,Biography;Film,The Social Network,mouseover; ::: print personalized by age ({{age}})

Example based on this site


This example, which is based on a the Guardian website highlights different balloons based on location (we didn't modify the code so it's a bit sensitive to mouse location):

vis visMagic name,{{visitState}},mouseover; ::: print personalized by visit state ({{visitState}})

Grade Level Example

In this example we've extended an article from the New York Times. Popup definitions and images are modified based on reading level (is this a student or an adult). Reading level can be inferred from past Web use, age, or collected profile information.

HyperLocal Examples

This article provide different maps depending on whether you are a local "client" or one that needs "context"

Testing Environments

Medium Editor

This is an example page for our medium-based editor. The example contains both pre-set personalization elements but you can create your own. Simply type in new content (much like the medium blog editor). Select a location and a popup dialog will allow you to insert PersaLog code (a pencil indicates this). Click on the pencil to create PersaLog. Editor here. A simple example you can try is:

Regression Testing

Test script (we use this for regression testing)

More coming soon...